Wellness Program

Wellness is much more than just physical health. It involves continuous growth and balance in seven key areas with each contributing to one's quality of life. At any given time one area can be more prominent than others; however, neglect in any area can have adverse effects on health.

Wellness is largely determined by the choices we make in our lives, so in order to keep residents motivated and focused on their "feel age" not their "real age", we at Barkley Plantation Assisted Living have developed our Wellness Works Program based on the seven dimensions of wellness. 

Below you will find the seven dimensions of wellness and examples of how each dimension is addressed in our daily programming at Barkley Plantation Assisted Living. As you can see many activities can fit into more than one category.

Social Wellness-is the ability to relate to others, connect with others, and maintain relationships with friends, family, and co-workers. (UK basketball games, Quilting, Ice Cream Socials, Bingo, Jigsaw Puzzles, Homemaker's Club, Joke Telling, Picnics, Rides in the Country and Family Functions) 

Emotional Wellness-is the ability to understand ourselves, cope with the challenges of life, and acknowledge and share our feelings in a productive manner. (Pet Therapy, Art Therapy, Relaxation, Music Therapy, Gardening, Fishing and Reminiscing)

Spiritual Wellness-is the ability to establish peace and harmony in our lives, develop congruence between our values and our actions, and to find a common purpose that binds all of creation together. (Church Singing, Sunday School, and Sunday Sermons)

Environmental Wellness-is the ability to make a positive impact in our environment, be it home, community, or the planet. (Encourage to bring belongings from home, Volunteering, and Community Participation)

Occupational Wellness-is the ability to find fulfillment in our chosen profession, while still maintaining a balance. It also involves our desire to contribute to the organizations we work for and to society as a whole. (Volunteering, Career Club, and Community Involvement)

Intellectual Wellness-is the ability to open our minds to new ideas and experiences that can be applied to our daily lives. It includes the desire to learn, improve skills, and seek challenges in the pursuit of life long learning. (Painting Classes, Reading Group, Crafts, Movies, Current Events, Reading and Writing Poetry, and Visits to Art Galleries, Museums, and the Library)

Physical Wellness-is the ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle, allowing us to get through the day without undue fatigue or physical distress. Also,it is the ability to adopt healthy habits, while avoiding destructive ones. (Arm Chair Tai Chi, Yoga, Gentle Exercise and Strength Improvement, Darts, Ring Toss, Horse Shoes, Croquet, Wii Sports, and Health Education Workshops)

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